Every business is different from the others in many ways. Due to this their requirements from a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are different. Therefore, SugarCRM customization becomes important because it allows every business to make specific changes as they want. Now, let’s see what kind of customization what we are talking about here i.e. Custom fields, Custom modules, Custom layouts, Code customizations, and third-party plug-ins. The CRM system you work on reflects your business to a great extent. That’s why businesses choose to customize their SugarCRM. Not only this, a customized system guarantee improved productivity, revenue growth, and profitability.

How SugarCRM Customization can help a Business Grow?

Whether it’s a small start-up or a well-established organization, all of them are changing every day. Therefore, it makes complete sense to adopt software that is flexible and dynamic as well. And SugarCRM ticks all boxes here. The customization service we provide can make your CRM fully automated. Without further ado, let’s move forward.

  • Customized Module: By default, you get a bunch of modules in SugarCRM like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Tasks, etc. Even after including so many modules, many businesses need custom modules that serve entirely different purposes. Basic modules can be created in SugarCRM easily but in order to create custom relationships with modules, you need to have back-end programming knowledge. You should hire a professional for high-end projects.
  • Customized Dashboard: The dashboard of any software gives the user an overview of all the things that are going on within the software. In SugarCRM, the dashboard is the first thing you encounter when logging in. But it is well optimized for all kinds of business. For instance, if a salesperson is using the CRM then he must want targets, leads, client meetings on the dashboard.
  • Customized Workflow: For a business, workflows are the best way to automate various processes that could consume a lot of time. The most common example of customized workflow is scheduled email to sales reps whenever a lead status is changed. SugarCRM customization can help in achieving these goals without any issues.
  • Custom Themes: By default, the theme of SugarCRM is not very optimized, and apart from that every company has different needs as well. Therefore, you tell us how would you like to modify the dashboards, reports, colors, buttons as per your requirements. We can make changes to list view, detail view, edit view, or any other panel.
  • Integration with other business applications: In the current working situation a business uses a lot of different applications, for example, you may be using Mailchimp for email marketing automation or Twilio for cloud communication purposes. The point is we can integrate all these applications with the SugarCRM so that your data remains centralized and accessible.
  • Tweaks for performance enhancement: Apart from all the major changes, we also do minor modifications or tweaks to the database or server to improve the performance. This will lead to the enrichment of the end-user experience. By choosing our customization service, you won’t face any kind of roadblocks and always get the optimal user experience.

These are only a few customization examples that we mentioned above. OutRight Store provides many other services like theme customization, custom fields, custom relationships, custom sales report, etc. We have served diversified industries like Healthcare, Real Estate, Retail around the globe and all of them have been able to achieve their desired results in no time.